About BTD

Who we are. What drives us.

The Organisers

They hate being pictured, so we thought we'd blur them at first. Or maybe we should pixelate them. Or just use some dummy mugshots. Yep. Mugshots it is. Noop! They do have pictures! Great.
Mieke Gevers
Program Chair
Nadine Raes
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The Review Team

These guys read *ALL* the papers. Word for word. They spent blood, sweat and tears to decide on this magnificent program. There was consideration, deliberation, and a lot of conference calls. Give 'em some love.
Alexander Podelko
Benjamin Timmermans
Daniël Maslyn
Debbie Friedenberg
Dorothy Graham
Erik Stensland
Henk van Merode
Henri van de Scheur
Isabel Evans
John Fodeh
Mette Bruhn-Pedersen
Nathalie van Delft - de Vries
Neil Thompson
Phil Isles
Rik Kochuyt
Vincenzo Cuomo

BTD Program overview of previous years