Coaching skills for test professionals

19 May 2015
13:30 - 17:00
Thon Hotel: Cape Town

Coaching skills for test professionals

Coaching other, like fellow testers, users or developers became very important during the last years.

We are not in a separate team any more and more people are involved in testing. We as Subject Matter Experts in testing should be able to help and support others in testing and this asks for coaching skills.

But only a few testers developed coaching skills! In this workshop the attendants will get to know the mother-of-all coaching models: situational leadership by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard.

After the introduction of the model the attendants will be divided into four groups and every group will enumerate typical behaviour for one of the Hersey-Blanchard coaching styles. This way the four coaching styles are better understand and internalizing by the attendants. In case there is time left I will discuss some typical coaching situations with the attendants.

After this workshop the attendants will know and be able to use basis coaching styles. It will help the attendants to adjust their coaching style, depending on the coaching. As a side effect it will also increase their style flexibility (their ability to adjust their communication depending the context).