Developing the Right Skills depending on your Context

19 May 2015
09:00 - 12:30
Thon Hotel: Cape Town

Developing the Right Skills depending on your Context

Testers need to develop different skills or competences’ depending on the way the organization looks at, and understands, testing. For instance, the competence ‘Negotiation Skills’ is most important when testing is mandated and a test team exists. At the same time the competence ‘Listening’ is more important when the business consults, relies upon, and values testers. During this ‘wisdom of the crowd’ workshop the attendees will learn which competences are important at which stages in their careers. They will learn how the development of testing is also highly dependent on the organisation in which they work and how that organisation views testing. The workshop will help testers to focus on developing the right competences, for use in the right situation.

The workshop starts with a short introduction of the ‘Testers Hierarchy of Needs’, a five level model based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The testers hierarchy of needs model describes the different states that testers can find themselves at during their careers, and what they need to do in order to move to reach their self-actualized state; a state where they have reach ‘Test Mastery’. More information about the Testers Hierarchy of needs is coming soon.

Also a list of competences relevant for testers will be introduced. This workshop is a highly interactive workshop. The attendees will discuss and classify the competences onto the levels of the testers hierarchy of needs. This will be done in five groups; after the competences have been classified every group will explain one level. In this discussion the understanding of what competences are important at what level will deepen.

The workshop will help attendees to understand their context and to adjust their behaviour. This will help to make testing and the tester themselves more successful, and will help them to ensure the company in which they work values and respects the testing craft.