Experience Report: Model Based Testing of Embedded Systems using Spec Explorer

21 May 2015
09:40 - 10:30
International Auditorium: Oslo

Experience Report: Model Based Testing of Embedded Systems using Spec Explorer

Spec Explorer is a model-based testing tool from Microsoft. With this powerful tool it is possible to write models in a mainstream programming language (like C#), accompanied by configuration files in a scripting language.


The Spec Explorer tool provides testers with several techniques such as state filtering, data abstraction and model composition to reduce the state base. These techniques help is to deal with the “state explosion” problem often encountered during model-based testing.


In this talk we report on our experiences within Philips Healthcare, using SpecExplorer to aid with model-based testing


Our initial experiments showed practical obstacles in combining traditional functional testing techniques with model-based testing using SpecExplorer. This was because of data dependencies in the complex systems under test.


We overcame these obstacles by specifying constraints on our data domain. We used a spreadsheet to specify the constraints and interfaced with SpecExplorer using a “constraint solver” in order to generate concrete test data for the behavioural specifications.


In our presentation we will share empirical results obtained from our experiments in applying constraint based testing of a complex system which has data cross-dependencies. We will offer our insights into what works in practice and share our thoughts on possible obstacles when introducing this technology into existing testing organizations. We also share some of our novel approaches in modelling and model verification using Spec Explorer.