Gadgets on a Budget: How to build and manage a device test lab in a mobile startup.

21 May 2015
12:00 - 14:50
International Auditorium: Paris

Gadgets on a Budget: How to build and manage a device test lab in a mobile startup.

Where to start? How to get device requirements and build the device matrix?
How to build a collection that represents the audience and overall market share for your own product?  How to handle device inventory? What is and is not important in device selection?
This workshop introduces participants to all aspects of device test lab creation. The workshop proceeds in two parts; the first half will be comprised of a lesson and in the second half we will practice building and managing a device test lab on a limited budget.

Session Duration:        2 hours
Intended audience:        QA Leads, QA Managers, Studio Leads, Development Leads
Session type:                1 hour of presentation, 1 hour of practice workshop

This session covers the experience of a test manager who has been building numerous device labs for over 10 years with focus on a Mobile game company.
Galina presents the framework with associated practices that will enable you to maintain a device lab, identify core device gadgets, and draft a device lab matrix, action plans, and a device lab budget.


  • Presentation and group discussions [60 minutes]
    Device lab requirements [10 minutes]
    Target audience for application
    Device market share
    Device parameters: what to pay attention to [5 minutes]
    Device lab planning: location, equipment, software, storage  [10 minutes]
    Device lab budget [10 minutes]
    Device lab technician: role description and responsibility [5 minutes]
    Where to buy devices and overview of issues [5 minutes]
    Lab Maintenance [5 minutes]
    Device usage in Agile development team [5 minutes]
    How to present device lab during negotiations with the clients [5 minutes]
  • Workshop (30 minutes)
    List of 30 Devices with larger market share (samples)
    Operation system diversity
    Practical exercise: reviewing application requirements and selecting 10 top
    Practical exercise: Managing device test lab
    Practical exercise: Device compatibility checklist

Group discussion (30 minutes): Workshop review, Q&A

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