If James Bach and Mary Gorman had a baby, how would it test?

21 May 2015
09:40 - 10:30
International Auditorium: New York

If James Bach and Mary Gorman had a baby, how would it test?

In 2001 James Bach introduced a game changing approach to dividing test object into elements in his Stickyminds.com column feature “How Do You Spell Testing?”.

In his approach five words represented different aspects of a software product: Structure, Function, Data, Platform and Operations. Five years later I came across with this SFDPO heuristic. It changed the way I approached testing for good. For years I used it in all kinds of projects, domains and environments. I managed my own work and I managed the work of up to 40 tester teams with it. Over the years this heuristic was updated with words Integrations and Time, thus growing into SFDIPOT, and it has been one of the most important tools, if not THE most important tool I’ve ever used in software testing.

But something was growing on the sidelines. In Agile Testing Days 2013 Mary Gorman introduced her product dimensions she had been developing over the years without ever being influenced by James’ approach. I became fascinated how well these approaches complemented each other, as if they were both spawned from some well that contains the truth of testing. I immediately started joining them together and piloting this hybrid in my projects with great success.

In this presentation you’ll get to see a whole new approach on testing or a new way of using the familiar approach. This hybrid heuristic has been used to test software, hardware, requirements, processes, whiskies and even people. Just to prove its effectiveness we will – in collaborative fashion – test a random product chosen by the audience.

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