Keynote: Connecting Business and Testing with Test Analytics

20 May 2015
08:45 - 09:35
International Auditorium

Keynote: Connecting Business and Testing with Test Analytics

Online and mobile businesses have been working with highly automated processes, using web and mobile analytics to drive lean processes for some years. Teams adopting disciplines like specification by example, BDD, ATDD, DevOps and continuous delivery are gaining momentum out there, reporting increasing success.

But in many cases the implementations are piecemeal and success is partial.

The promise of highly automated, connected processes driven by analytics won’t be achieved until we adopt what might be called a Post-Agile approach. Agile works for teams with clear goals, autonomy, business insight and the skills to deliver. But Agile supports team-based, manual and what might also be called social processes. The automated processes of Continuous Delivery and DevOps require a different perspective.

Paul suggests that perspective is like the Internet of Things and the Things in question include DevOps processes. Process to process communications in this context are similar to Machine to Machine (M2M) communications where a ‘publish and subscribe’ messaging model is appropriate. The outputs of many DevOps processes are actually tests of development processes or live usage scenarios in production. These outcomes are the payloads of messages between processes, collected by sensors in development and production. The data collected is the basis of the analytics that drive software and business stakeholder decision-making.


  • Continuous and DevOps processes are different from Agile and require a new perspective.
  • Automated processes and production usage monitors are like sensors in the Internet of things – collecting data to be analysed.
  • These analytics support decision making in software and business management – perhaps we don’t need to separate them anymore?

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