Practical Transition to Agile (day 2 of 2)

19 May 2015
09:00 - 17:00
Thon Hotel: Amsterdam

Practical Transition to Agile (day 2 of 2)

We are facing today an increase demand from test engineers and test managers to know how to deal with testing in an Agile environment. The Agile manifesto guides Agile development teams into concepts and areas we have (many times) avoided in testing when using the V model, waterfall and other development models, and by that actually require us to re-invent our profession.

  • What is the role of a tester in an Agile team?
  • How will we regression test from now on?
  • What are agile testers required to do in their day to day work?
  • What part does Test Automation play in Agile tester’s role?
  • Should we document test cases and defects?
  • What is a ‘Test-First-Approach’?
  • How can testers bring high business value over and over again?

These questions and more are a part of the challenges we face in Agile on a daily basis, and which require from us to be more productive, efficient and relevant.

The workshop emphasizes the day to day challenges-solving and “know-how” knowledge in the “life of an Agile tester”, and tries to answer the above questions and more, while introducing an Agile testing methodology, strategy and day to day approach.

Through presentation, discussion, debate, brainstorming and questioning, we shall go through terminology, methodology, concepts and tools to learn how to plan, design and run tests in short iterations, how to track what we do and improve over time. We shall discuss how to function as testers within Agile teams, how to be productive and efficient using test automation and other tools, and how to produce a working software.

Relevant exercises and simulations are integrated into the course in order to close the gap between methodology and actual field implementation and enable participants realize what they need to be doing in their designated Agile teams as testers from now on.

Knowing what Agile is and should be all about for us, how and what things must change in the “new reality” (when moving from traditional methods), what is the role of a tester in each of the new phases/ceremonies (using scrum as an example), exercising the different important scrum implementation guidelines. using discussions, presentations, debate, exercises, simulations – we shall share information and knowledge regarding practical implementation of agile focused on testing professionals – testers, test leaders, test managers. Notes: It includes the general parts of Agile with the role of the tester, includes simulation of working in an Agile team (team dynamics), etc. I believe I was running that for you last time (a few years back), as a 1 day and it was a success. The 2 days version is a lot better in my eyes, and customers are very happy with it.

  • Practical experience in working under scrum (simulation)
  • Understanding major challenges and know-how needed to start working effectively in an Agile Project
  • Understand the role of an Agile tester in every Agile (Scrum) ceremony, and how testers can add value to both team and other stakeholders (i.e. business, etc.)
  • Get a chance to be involved and share experiences over Agile testing implementation tips ,tricks and guidelines.

  • test process improvement
  • quality assurance
  • test strategies
  • test design
  • agile
  • test management
  • quality in/for development