Soft Skills: the more the better… Or are they overrated?

20 May 2015
14:50 - 15:40
International Auditorium: London

Soft Skills: the more the better… Or are they overrated?

Nowadays a lot of focus is put on soft skills like: ‘team chemistry’, ‘emotional intelligence’, or ‘being a team player’.

During this presentation I will try to make a plea those skills are overrated.

This does not mean I have something against people with good soft skills like emotional intelligence. On the contrary, I can genuinely admire a display of excellent social skills. But still, I would like to make a case that it’s ok if evolution hasn’t blessed you with those talents. I want to show you that it’s not necessary to become friends with your colleagues. Although there can be enormous peer pressure, it’s ok if you don’t participate in a team event.

There is a difference between a group of friends and a project team. And being the latter doesn’t at all guarantee a successful project.

I will also try to give some insights into life’s biggest questions like:

  • Why a tester should school himself in the art of rhetoric.
  • What we can learn from playing with nice play-doh colours.
  • Oh no! We’ve made a collaborative group decision!
  • We could be speaking German right now if one guy had possessed excellent social skills.
  • What Trotsky really thinks about you.

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