Testing the Missing Link in the Evolution of Future Robotics

20 May 2015
14:00 - 14:50
International Auditorium: Lisboa

Testing the Missing Link in the Evolution of Future Robotics

Robotic companies have been with us for decades and now they are undergoing a massive transformation. Finally, the technologies for advanced and lightweight mechanical frameworks augmented with autonomous high powered CPU’s and reliable electrical systems make advanced robotics more an more cost effective and the possible implementations in our day to day lives are growing exponentially . Though some robotics systems are still in the primordial phase along their evolutionary trajectory, some are starting to emerge in a way that will soon be as commonplace as smart phones, drones and other technologies that we have quickly adapted in the last decade.

The age of robotics will require skilled and technical testers to test them. However, the testers for robotics need to be broad thinking, agile, multidisciplinary and possessed with a mindset that is driven to go past failure. This session will inform what robotics testing advances are occurring and will help prepare the way for those interested in the evolutionary advances in robotics technology.

Robotic testing will require diversity with testing teams that are “MEC” aware (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science / IT) and cross-functional with systems tested being mobile in every way imaginable, be it robots that will function on land, sea, air or in space.

The common link that binds Testing & the Robotic evolution and transformation is the need for very stringent quality robots that will eventually operate autonomously with a mechanical framework coupled with a considerable Artificial Intelligence element. Developing an understanding the mindset, skills and tools for testing needed to cover these main elements is just in the starting phases.

In this session we will compare traditional testing methods for IT to those of robotics testing, look at some of the challenges facing robotic testers, look at some of the trends the top robotic testers of today are leading and relate this back to the tester of today. The session is intended to spark interest in the robotics testing and show the merits of being ahead of the curve of and an early adapter to this technology.

Where are you in your knowledge of testing for robotic systems? If you are already involved in robotics testing or just curious or even just starting on your way, then this session is for you.