The joy of Programming for non-programmers

20 May 2015
09:40 - 11:50
International Auditorium: Paris

The joy of Programming for non-programmers

Would you like to know a bit more about programming, but you’ve never written a line of code in your life and you have no idea where to start? Do you want to experience the amazing feeling of creating a computer game by yourself?

Learning about programming will help you get a better understanding for the work that your teammates are doing and help you participate in software development discussions but it can require a lot of time and effort.

Using the Scratch language which was developed by MIT to teach programming to children, you will get to experience programming concepts as well as the joy of programming. Since Scratch is made for children, it is fast to get started with and you will make quick progress. Non-technical colleagues have really enjoyed this peek into the programming world ‘This was the first technical session ever that I could understand, and I loved it!’

Join our session to experience programming and even create your own bugs! But don’t forget to bring a laptop (or come and see if you can find somebody to pair with).

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