Test Management Interactive Session

20 May 2015
14:50 - 17:00
International Auditorium: Lisboa

Test Management Interactive Session

Test management discussion

Are you a test manager?

Are you worried?

Come and share your worries…

We’ll host a wide ranging discussion driven by your questions and ours.
Typical topics we might cover include…

Becoming a test manager
•    Is it possible to be a good test manager if you have not done any testing? Why?
•    Is it possible to be a bad test manager if you are an excellent tester? Why?

Estimating and planning
•    How can I estimate when I don’t know the detail?
•    What is the point of planning when it is all going to change?

•    How do I assess risk?
•    How does that affect the testing approach?

Approaches and strategy
•    How do I choose the approach for testing in a project?
•    What factors should I take into account when choosing the strategy?

•    What information do I need from my team?
•    What information does the project manager need from me?

•    How does my leadership style affect my team?
•    What is situational leadership?

People and teams
•    What range of skills do I need on my team?
•    How do I manage a distributed team?

Developing my team
•    What personal and professional development will help my team?
•    How much CPD should I plan for?

Stakeholder management
•    Who do I need to communicate with?
•    What do they want from me?

Managing costs and value
•    How do I do a cost benefit analysis for testing?
•    How do I show the value of testing to my stakeholders?