Sami Söderblom

jujutsu. approach with caution.

Sami Söderblom

jujutsu. approach with caution.
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Sami is here again. Still living in Helsinki, Finland. Still married to his lovely wife Malin.

Still a tester, test manager, coach, steering group member in Finnish Association for Software Testing and founding board member of Software Testing Finland.

Still blogging and writing articles about testing and quality management, speaking in events and changing the world one passionate gesture at a time.

But now also a proud father to a beautiful baby girl, a black belt jujutsuka, and a co-founder and principal consultant in Happy Monkey. Good times! 🙂 For more info please dig deep from following links:

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If James Bach and Mary Gorman had a baby, how would it test?

21 May 2015
09:40 - 10:30
International Auditorium: New York