BTD conf 2014

6th Annual International Testing Conference in the heart of Europe

Every year, we address several aspects which plays a role in increasing the quality in software, including Testing Aspects, Social Skills, and development.  The impact of those aspects are subject to debate.

This year, sessions will include:

  •  Keynotes featuring recognized thought-leaders
  • In-depth half- and full-day workshops
  • Participating in the “Testing Cup
  • Conference sessions, interactive sessions, lab-sessesion covering major testing issues and solutions by “doing”
  • The Expo, bringing you the latest in testing solutions by our exhibitors
  • Networking events including meeting the speakers, the Test Lab, and more!

You can rest assured that our conference programme will deliver up-to-date and cutting-edge content. You will receive the opportunity to excel your skills that will allow you to head back to the office and implement change with immediate effect as you have been “learning them by doing”.

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