Belgium Testing Days is ready to roll! June 13-16


Our excellent program is still taking place next week, despite strikes, road works, security checks, and hailstorms, and we still have space for you.

Why lose a day of work that you can choose to spend strengthening your skills and blowing your network wide open?


Join our conference for the very special “Train Strike” price of 100€ per/day on Wednesday and Thursday!


With this great offer, what’s keeping you from coming to Belgium Testing Days where you can hear speakers such as Julian Harty, Doug Hoffman, Stuart Reid, Isabel Evans, Gil Zilberfeld and Mark Tomlinson – and engage with them in open Q&A discussions?


BTD offers more hands-on workshops, Open Spaces, Round Table discussions, and significant networking opportunities than any other IT Quality Conference.


Join us! Be at the forefront of Quality innovation.


For more information, contact us at btd@btdconf.com or visit us at http://btdconf.com



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