Reference models and testing

Open_System_Environment_Reference_ModelMy point of reference is life, in everything that I do. – Howie Mandel –

Have you ever wondered

  • why we need testing conferences,
  • why is testing so difficult,
  • why do we need certificate programs,
  • why do we test.

Answering these questions is not easy because software testing is part of a bigger story, the software development story.

In that story, software testing only plays a role, is intended for a number of stakeholders, is performed by people with different levels of capability and maturity and must fit in so many methodologies. Software testing is only one of the “faces” of software development and to answer the above questions, or at least to start answering the above questions, it is necessary to know and understand all the “other faces” software testing is influenced by.

This presentation shows these “faces” by defining 7 reference models that each represent a different “face”. This presentation will define their minimal layout and content. This presentation does not pretend that these are the only reference models that you will need during your career, but starting with these 7 reference models will at least enable you to answer questions like

    • why do we test
    • how do we test
    • when do we test
    • when is testing enough
    • how do we setup testing
    • what is our test organization.

The presentation explains how the integration of the reference models leads to the answers you are looking for and as an example will give an answer for the above questions.

After the presentation you, the audience, should be able to recognize which element of testing refers to which reference model. How to position this element and how to answer questions related to that element.

More info : http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/thaste-software-testing-reference-models/x/5381551

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