13 vs 18, who says “we” cannot be “them”?

25 Oct 2017
11:50 - 12:40
Oslo I

13 vs 18, who says “we” cannot be “them”?

In this presentation I will try to make the attendees understand that a gaming community with a great potential, gamers bellow 18yo, are not taken into account by a lot of gaming communities or by fellow gamers, rather than being stimulated to play more and to enter in more groups and provide an input. I will try to explain why they have such great potential, and why they should be asked to perform a big part of game testers’ job despite the laws that look more to their age than to their resources.

Who plays and who surfs the internet?

We all use the internet quite often. For some of us this means hours of daily playing or surfing. But who is this “we”… I’ll point out that the demographics of “we” is not quite identical with the demographics of “them”, the ones that develop and most of all the ones that test games and software… For people who know me it’ll not be a surprise that I’ll focus on games and apps on this one. Now, about “we”, I’ll show that the European and American internet user profiles have a lot to do with young people, a lot of them under 18yo. This is true even if we disregard the fact that a lot of players simply lie about their age (me included for today and most probably you, for yesterday, the ones that will assess my abstract…)

Who are the guys that develop and test?

The answer to this question is an easy one: people above 18yo! We kids may claim the parenthood for some easy to play games or apps but we cannot say we test any of the products we use on internet. Since I am below 18 I will call those guys “them”. To cut a long story short, 18+yo test and develop products for 10+yo which might sound a bit odd to many of other industries. Just imagine a newborn food tested by a high school or university graduate. I bet the testers will blow it…