5 years Agile! Success or Failure?

20 May 2015
11:00 - 11:50
International Auditorium: New York

5 years Agile! Success or Failure?

This interactive presentation is based on my experiences as Agile consultant and Agile trainer in the past five years. In that period of time I have seen over 300 Agile projects. Not only in the Netherlands but also in many other countries. This has given me a good picture of the current situation with regard to Agile projects. There were both projects who Succeeded and Failed. In this presentation, the results will be shared with you. I’ll do this with a top five of four different topics:

• 5 Agile Misconceptions • 5 Agile Pitfalls • 5 Agile Benefits • 5 Agile Success Factors

Of course, you also have your own experience and you are invited to share these during the presentation. Could very well be, based on your shared experiences, that one or more top fives will be updated. How Agile can a presentation be? 😉

But more importantly, this presentation will give you hopefully enough inspiration to change a possible Failing Agile project into a Succesful Agile project. Or even better, start a Successful Agile project immediately!