A High-Tech Tester is a great Eyewitness

21 May 2015
14:50 - 17:00
International Auditorium: Paris

A High-Tech Tester is a great Eyewitness

With a specially prepared LCD TV the attendants will get their hands dirty in physically testing the device. Testing in high-tech environments requires the skill to pay attention to details. I will give a 5 minute demo on the TV on how it works (it does not work as a TV in our living room but you can use one of the many remotes).

The attendants must now test the TV themselves. They had to pay attention on how the TV works in the demo like an eyewitness needs to pay attention to details when spotting the colour and type of a car that drove away from an accident. I will show more similarities between a good eye-witness and a (high-tech) test engineer.

Next to skills the workshop attendants get the question: is this version LCD TV of enough quality to be shown at a demo venue? In 2 hours time, is it possible to give a verdict and are you prepared to give a negative advice or not? With all the test equipment present (TV, input device like DVD player, cables etc) can we do a thorough enough test? I will show the Classification Tree test method as a best practice using a test design technique in high-tech environments with limited time and only a demo as documentation. The workshop is a mini-test-project in 2 hours: from assignment to test case creation and execution to test report.

This all has to be done by the attendants together or in groups (depending on the group size). The workshop ends with a test report (or reports) presented by the attendants themselves.