Agile Testing – Celebrate bug prevention instead of bug detection

20 May 2015
12:00 - 12:50
International Auditorium: New York

Agile Testing – Celebrate bug prevention instead of bug detection

Testers traditionally see themselves in the role of finding / detecting bugs. While testing is becoming more and more a pivotal point in agile software development, there is an arising need that testers try to prevent bugs from being introduced in the first place rather than concentrating on “just” finding them after the fact. With that comes a huge change in mindset and requirements for testers in agile teams.

Approaches like Test Driven Development (TDD / ATDD) are focusing on finding bugs early and with the help of a technically skilled tester, they can also be used to try and prevent bugs from happening at all.

While testers used to celebrate finding bugs they now should celebrate whenever they helped to prevent one from happening. The entire team needs to adapt and accommodate such a change in terms of mindset and ways of working. This presentation showcases how agile teams can go on the journey from detecting bugs to preventing bugs and how it impacts the team, the surrounding organization and management. It also shows practical examples how such a fairly dramatic change can be implemented in a lean way.

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