AgiLEAN BDD Test automation

20 May 2015
16:10 - 17:00
International Auditorium: New York

AgiLEAN BDD Test automation

One of the most important problems that we face as software professionals is this: If somebody thinks of a good idea, how do we deliver it to users as quickly as possible? This talk shows how to address the problem of delivering value at speed.


There are many software development methodologies, which focus primarily on requirements management and its impact on the development effort. There are also many excellent references that cover in detail different approaches to software design, development, and testing. These cover only a fragment of the value stream that delivers value to the people and organizations that sponsor our efforts.


To deliver value with speed we need to think about a continuous delivery line including acceptance tests and answer some important questions:

  • What happens once requirements are identified, the solutions designed, developed, and tested?
  • How are these activities joined together and coordinated to make the process as efficient and reliable as we can make it?
  • How do we enable everyone, whether developers, testers, or build & operations personnel, to work together effectively?
  • How do we develop automated acceptance tests that are change adaptable and responsive to the business?


Automated Acceptance tests are a fundamental stage in a continuous delivery pipeline. They take delivery teams beyond basic continuous integration. Once you have automated acceptance tests in place, you are testing the business acceptance criteria of your application, that is, validating that it provides business value out of it.


Acceptance tests are typically run against every version of your software that passes the commit tests.


This talk describes an effective pattern for getting software from development to release, emphasizing more on building reliable and business value generating automated tests.