Build a successful Team: Motivate Your Software Tester

Build a successful Team: Motivate Your Software Tester

The same complains all over again.
Junior Tester: ‘Working in testing seems to me as monotonous and repetitive job. There is no good reason why to start my career in this field. No possibilities to grow. ’
Senior Tester: ‘I’m getting no respect, no appreciation. I always have to deal with developers’ ego. It’s exhausting time consuming job. ’
Test Manager: ‘I always struggle with building a strong team for my project. Skilled members leave and there are no experts on market.’

Professional Software Testers leave companies. Frustrated.
New Software Testers don’t come. Afraid.
This all leads to the million dollar question: ‘How to awake a motivation in Software Tester to love his job? And how to stimulate this motivation over the years?

On a global scale this is a part of some bigger problem which many companies are facing today, despite of its size or the field of business. I was systematic and persistent and have discussed this issue with Software Testers in various testing roles across more fields. I came to methods of Motivation which can be applied in any company’s environment. Methods which can help to boost energy in a team and lead to more proactive work approach. Methods which can provide easier and smoother process of hiring new Software Testers.

My presentation includes following points

  • Different approaches of pouring energy into Junior or Senior Tester.
  • Method ‘Being a Tester – Who is tomorrow’s Lead‘.
  • Emphasizing of Benefits of Communication with Stakeholders, Business Department, Developers, Leads and Analytics.
  • Using a modernized ‘Carrot and Stick’ Approach of Motivation in society nowadays.
  • Finding an Individual motivation target for everyone and working with it.

Audience interaction based on short exercises and illustrative examples is the key for my presentation.