The future is happening now!

21 May 2015
14:50- 15:40
International Auditorium: London

The future is happening now!

A few years ago together with 7 Dutch testing colleagues we wrote the book ‘Determine your course! Future and trends in software testing’. One of the important trends we saw for the future is that the traditional roles of test analyst, test coordinator and test manager would diversify in many more roles such as test facilitator, the super tester, the cultural host and the acceptance manager.

In my current assignment, as test manager at a big insurance company in the Netherlands, we are dealing with the future right now. My test team have to make big steps in a changing world.

First of all, the software development department is making a great change from traditional software development to agile scrum development.

Secondly, the organization is making a change in their business processes to much more straight through processing. This gives all kind of challenges for testers, such as getting changes accepted by the business.

And thirdly it is interesting to see how the testers are preparing themselves for the future; how to deal with developments in the software testing world, such as context driven testing. Or how to use test automation to make your job more easy. And what does the future mean for your competences.

As a writer of the book and as a test manager I wonder if I am acting in a self-fulfilling prophecy? In my presentation I want to show the audience the journey I am making with my team, starting from the point that we thought about the future until the situation, the turmoil I am in at this moment. This means that I will elaborate about my experiences, my doubts, my enthusiasm and my results. It is still an ongoing journey and I can tell you, after we wrote the book, I never thought that I would be so soon in the middle of the future.