Mindful Exploratory Testing (Day 1 of 2)

18 May 2015
09:00 - 17:00
Thon Hotel: Budapest

Mindful Exploratory Testing (Day 1 of 2)

Getting your head around Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing can be a misunderstood testing approach.

It can be highly productive, documented and disciplined. It can also be the complete opposite.

It can be hard to explain and ‘sell’ internally.

It can be many things.


Good Exploratory Testers can investigate effectively and find useful information to give fast, clear feedback to their teams.


tony Bruce Mindfull Exploratory Testing SessionIn this comprehensive guide to Exploratory Testing, we will work through exercises created to engage Testers of all levels of experience.

We will discuss the exercises and share the lessons learned.

Throughout the workshop we will use Session-Based Testing.

And we will test!




We will use a mixture of visualisation and practical exercises and look at:

  • Perceptions of Exploratory Testing
  • Explaining and ‘selling’ Exploratory Testing
  • The differences between Scripted and Exploratory
  • Documentation
    • Different methods of keeping notes
    • Some tools that are available
    • Tracking your work
  • Augmenting your testing with tools
  • Managing your exploration
  • Exploratory testing aids
    • Note taking
    • Tools widely available online
    • Tools within software you already have


Participants will leave with the following outcomes:

  • Understanding of different perceptions of Exploratory Testing
  • A better ability to discuss, explain and pitch Exploratory Testing
    • As well as being able to further discuss the differences between Scripted and Exploratory
    • What situations may call for one over other
  • Start gaining a personal style of Exploratory Testing
  • An understanding of document their testing
  • Experience with different methods of note taking
  • Experience of using different tools to augment your testing
  • Putting this all into practice