Practical Tips for Pairing with a Developer to Test

21 May 2015
11:00 - 11:50
International Auditorium: Olso

Practical Tips for Pairing with a Developer to Test

Effective working relationships between team members is vital component of a successful team. In particular building a strong working relationship between developers and testers is important for shared ownership of quality and to foster a whole team approach.

Unfortunately in my experience having developers and testers embedded in the same team doesn’t necessarily mean a working relationship which is immediately successful. In particular I have seen challenges in teams moving to Agile where members of the new teams have previously worked in role based silos.

I will share my experience, as a tester, of building an effective working relationship with developers in Agile teams. In particular how pairing with a developer to test is a great relationship builder, helps enable a deeper understanding of your software, facilitates quick bug resolution, generate test ideas and helps increase testability in software. I will talk through practical tips of how to get developers pairing, using development tools to control the code, influencing the design, using oracles and how using exploratory testing charters can be used.

Using the practical tips from the talk will allow attendees to refresh the relationships within their own teams and gain the benefits of pair testing. UPDATED-BTD_Practical-tips-for-pairing-with-a-developer-to-test_ppt.pptx