Proactive Shift Left, a practical approach

25 Oct 2017
9:40 - 10: 30
Oslo I

Proactive Shift Left, a practical approach

Proactive Shift Left is an approach we defined in Nokia Networks with the goal to improve testing efficiency. Testing in Telecommunication Networks is highly structured and defined, following predefined rules and organizational structures. This also embeds some silo thinking and losing the thorough view of all testing activities. Proactive Shift Left helps to redefine the Product Test Strategy, giving directions and rules on how to cover Functional and Non-functional characteristics of a product by the given testing levels, static and dynamic, with the aim of left shifting testing.

The addition for “usual” Shift Left approaches is, that the goal is not only to introduce, for example, Reviews and Static Code Analysis, but to do this for each high-level requirements, breaking down all testing tasks, and to analyze how to move them left. One example can be Performance Testing: we introduce a Checklist for Specification Reviews focusing in Product Performance issues, measuring memory leaks and response times on Component Testing in CI, focusing on all Overload control and another functional aspects during Functional Testing, as well as defining Full Traffic Profiles for System Level performance Acceptance Testing.

During the presentation additional examples will be shared based on 1 day workshops that I ran in Nokia sites, covering several countries and continents.

Key takeaways:
• High level overview of Static and Dynamic testing, and test levels
• Needed mindset change: Certifying Product vs. Giving Feedback
• Techniques to break down current testing tasks and shift them left
• Examples on how to cover Product Quality characteristics in each, early test phases

Reasoning for difficulty level:
The presentation expects attendees to understand static and dynamic testing techniques, the testing levels and general knowledge on standardized Product Quality characteristics. The idea is to combine these in a test approach that can be generalized for testing products where high quality and reliability are needed