Test the bot, Test with the bot

25 Oct 2017
11:00 - 11:50
Oslo II

Test the bot, Test with the bot

What was once science fiction is fast becoming a fact of today’s business world. The world is beginning to accept that everything that aren’t software are being transformed by AI and Machine Learning. While the concept itself is not new and has been there for many years, today we actually have the technology to use it in reality.

The advancement in Natural Language Processing, Machine learning and the ability to process huge amounts of data has led to the explosion of bots which can communicate with humans like humans. This rise of conversational bots is the great story of our time.

While developing a well-designed bot would require some effort, testing a chat bot has it’s own set of challenges. The most obvious challenge is to deal with the personality a chat bot brings to the table in varying conversational responses. The first part of the presentation (Test the Bot) is from my experience at the customer location in testing a chatbot which provides first line customer support.

The mathematical accuracy and perceived human intelligence has made way for bots to replace traditional test automation approaches. The second part of the presentation (Test with the Bot) is about couple of tools that we developed using machine learning AI technologies which enables testing efficiently and more accurately with live demos.

Key take aways from the presentation

  • Introduction to the world of machine learning
  • Test frameworks & methodologies to test chat bots
  • Use of machine learning for intelligent test automation
Test The Bot Test with The Bot