Testing Cup

20 May 2015
09:40 - 17:00
International Auditorium: Oslo

Testing Cup

To answer that question, we probably need to explain first what the Testing Cup is about.
As the BTD is “The Learning by Doing” conference, the Testing Cup is really “the place to be” to test in a very practical way and … to learn.

Finding the bugs is the ultimate goal! BUT the process is evenly important!

You will have the chance to be coached by experts in different areas, like Test Automation, Test Management, Agile, Unit Testing, Development, Exploratory Testing and Model Based Testing. They will be ready for your questions, your challenges, your struggles and to celebrate your successes :).

It’s a wonderful opportunity to find your solutions in a way that is FASTER, BETTER and MORE EFFICIENT!
See you on Wednesday May 20th!


We are proud to offer our attendees the opportunity to take part in the competition and to excel the testing skills using This Testing Cup coming with the help & expertise of the Polish testing community!

Attendees, taking part in the testing cup will be mentored by speakers present at the conference. On the last day of the conference the winners of the Testing Cup will announced.

Thanks to HP, all the laptops, provided by the conference will have HP Testing tools installed on it.




A impression of the Polish Testing Cup 2014, the inventors of this great concept!