Testing within an Agile Environment

21 May 2015
16:10 - 17:00
International Auditorium: London

Testing within an Agile Environment

Rather than focusing on transitioning to agile, this talk looks at how agile really works at a successful company that has used it from the beginning.

With over 8,000 Acceptance Tests, LMAX Exchange has always been test driven but the agile process used today is different to that used initially. We constantly adapt and try out new ideas and methodologies to keep a sustainable pace of development.

Quality is the responsibility of everyone at LMAX Exchange, with testers being seen as specialists in assuring quality through all means possible.

Each build goes through a series of environments and automated tests, from typical unit and acceptance tests through migration and performance tests, allowing us to find and fix all types of issues early. Once released, the testing doesn’t stop, with monitoring tests set up to detect possible production issues before they affect the end user.

We are constantly trying to improve our testing. The experimental ethos at LMAX Exchange allows us to try new ideas which live, and die, by their merit. We will take you through an overview of how we test, with examples of adaptation, and then look briefly at ideas we are currently trying. Our lesson is “do not be afraid of failure”.