Testing your Emotions

21 May 2015
12:00 - 12:50
International Auditorium: New York

Testing your Emotions

Testing is an emotional subject.  It raises emotions within us as testers, and also other within the projects in which we work.

Telling someone that the code that they have spent days or weeks working on is in fact flawed requires skills and a great understanding of the potential impact on the other person. There is more than one way to deliver a difficult message, and getting it wrong can ruin relationships and make projects run less smoothly.

In this talk I intend to explore the situations that projects teams typically encounter and how these impact the emotions that everyone in the team faces. I will explore typical dimensional models of emotion such as those proposed by Robert Plutchik and Hugo Lövheim and use these, and others, to help explain how we can better understand the emotions that we face, and the emotions that we raise in others.

Some key points I will cover:

  • Why should we understand our emotions as testers?
  • How could misunderstanding our emotional impact hinder the progress of projects?
  • What gives us an emotional attachment to our roles and tasks?
  • Why do we need to apply some personal leadership in order to better understand and convey our emotions?
  • Techniques we can use to better understand and use our emotions.