Harry Girlea

student 7th grade

Harry Girlea

student 7th grade
Scoala Gimnaziala 97, Bucharest


My name is Harry Girlea, I’m a student in 7th grade at school nr 97 Bucharest.I entered the fantasy world at the age of five, when I read all the seven volumes of Narnia and I continued with Harry Potter, seven volumes again.I started online gaming with Warcraft 3. It was followed by Minecraft, LOTRO and the Assassin’s Creed series. Until now, I’ve tried over 21 games. My current favorites are, in order, WoW, Overwatch and Skyrim.In my 4th grade I passed the PET exam at the British Council. One of the drives for this were the online games (mainly WoW) through their storylines and chatting with people all over the world, regardless their age. My oldest partner from Netherlands was 67 years at that time…

Step by step I started being interested in the world of game developers and testers hence I started studying programming in C, in 5th grade. I’m still doing it. The majority of schools do not cover this course or are doing it in an unattractive way.I even sent an application for a tester position in Ubisoft three years ago. No answer, unfortunately, but not a surprise.

Luckily, while attending to Comic-Con 2016 Bucharest, I met the guys from RGDA (Romanian Game Developers Association), who accepted me in their community. Many thanks to Andreea Per since this was the beginning…

Last but not least, I was encouraged to submit a presentation to Romanian Testing Conference 2017, the largest event of its kind in Romania, in May 2017. I was accepted as a key note speaker and I closed the event in front of 550+ testers.

This year I was accepted as the youngest member ever – at 12yo – of Interact Club Bucharest (Rotary supported group), a very active NGO in Romania.

Thanks Interact, RGDA and Romanian Testing Conference for not looking at my age as a barrier.

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