Michael Palotas

Michael Palotas


In addition to his role as “Head of Productivity & Test Engineering” at eBay International, Michael Palotas is founder of Gridfusion Software Solutions, a consultancy that focuses on test automation with open source toolsets and agile testing practices.

Michael was a key driver behind the creation of Selenium Grid and more recently the creation of Selendroid and ios-driver – two open source tools for automation of mobile native apps and the mobile web for Android and IOS in a Selenium fashion. After working in various lead roles in software development and test for Ericsson, Nortel Networks and Intel in North America and Europe, Michael joined eBay in 2004 and founded Gridfusion in 2011. Michael is a recognized expert in test engineering and test automation and has spoken at many conferences and events around the world.

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Agile Testing – Celebrate bug prevention instead of bug detection

20 May 2015
12:00 - 12:50
International Auditorium: New York