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Mark your calendar! 13-16 June, 2016

The most innovative software quality conference & training in Brussels

Becoming an Expert through the Experts!

About BTD

The leading event host in Europe where leadership, management and strategy converge. The hottest issues in the industry are included covering agile testing, performance testing, test automation, mobile application testing, test team leadership and soft skills.

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What we do

BTD is all about testing and development. We talk, discuss and chat about agile, mobile, quality, and a bunch of other stuff, as long as its got something to do about testing. If you have a question, you’re sure to find the answer here somewhere.

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Why us?

BTD wants to be your expert hideout, your go-to place for everything related to the topics on testing and development. We gather thought leaders, captains of industry, charlatans and gurus (depending on your point of view). And a lot of OCD people also. 

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